Brown shrimp

Brown shrimp

Brown shrimp ©Alex Mustard/2020VISION

Brown shrimp

Scientific name: Crangon crangon
The vrown shrimp blends perfectly with its seabed home and is found all around the coasts of the UK.

Species information


Length: Up to 8cm

Conservation status


When to see

January to December


The brown shrimp, also known as the common shrimp, lives in shallow, sheltered waters of muddy and sandy shores. It is especially common in estuaries, such as The Wash. It is mottled brown in colour, blending perfectly with their home on the seabed. They will bury themselves in the sand to escape predators such as birds and fish.

How to identify

There are several, very similar species of shrimp around our coasts. This is the most common, found in large numbers in estuaries. It is practically translucent with brown mottling and antennae almost as long as its body.


Found in on sandy or muddy seabeds all round our coasts, particularly common in estuaries.

Did you know?

Brown shrimps can change colour to better match their surroundings using special cells called chromatophores.