As part of my internship here at Wembury Marine Centre, I’ve had to plan, advertise and run my own event, for which I chose to do crafts themed around rockpools. Children had options to make rockpool themed bookmarks with blennies and a starfish, and a crab, out of a repurposed egg carton that could be any colour they wanted it to be. I had originally planned to make this event one where creatures were made to fill up a rockpool display, but had realised that children would want something to take home with them, so switched it to making bookmarks and crabs instead. As I had originally advertised the event as being free with donations, I stuck with this, in the hope that it might attract a few more people in the centre.

The day itself was a quiet one at the centre, with very few people about. However, families who did come in seemed to really enjoy making the crabs and picking some funky pipe cleaner leg colours for them. It was also great fun to be able to talk to the children and get an idea of what they thought about rockpooling, and helping them to realise better ways following the trusty seashore code to make sure the animals stayed safe.

We are running Rockpool Creature Crafts again on Thursday 25th August, free of charge again but donations are gratefully received. All children will need to be accompanied by an adult.

13892117_1147903038606934_5325518042756877852_n  bookmark crab