Last week we were joined by three students from our local secondary school – Coombe Dean, here are their blogs of their week with us. Thank you to Imogen, Jacob and Michael for all of their hard work – it was a pleasure to have you on the team!

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Michael’s Work Experience Blog

Day 1 Monday I arrived at the centre at 9:30am in the morning to help with a group of year 2s from MontPelier primary school. We took them out to the school pools on the beach to see what we could find. After this we came back to the marine centre for a late lunch at 2:00pm outside in the sun. To end the day, we did a water change for the small tank (which I spilt sea water all down me).

Day 2 Tuesday  The second day we started it by doing a water change for the larger tank in which I again spilt water down but this time Imogen joined in. We waited for a small group of Dorset wildlife trust volunteers to arrive because they wanted to compare species type down here to their place they are from. We went further out then we did normally with other groups.

Day 3 Wednesday On Wednesday we came down to the centre on the busiest day of the week! We had three primary schools on this day one of them was Wembury primary school. We took the three different groups out at different times with us Work Experience splitting up between them. We also fed the fish in the tanks. We also caught a new Goby which we called MIJ after us three Michael, Imogen and Jacob

Day 4 Thursday In the morning we did a beach clean with our very own Coombe Dean School. We then came back after the beach clean to do even rock pooling with some nursery age children. After that they got on the bus and I waved them off. As we came back through the meadow I saw a baby Adder that was so cute and tiny but so deadly it was amazing. We also replaced the Velvet swimming crab called Angry Dave.

Day 5 Friday On our final day we went to collect driftwood and washed up limpet shells for the centre’s craft days and interactive things. We then came back to welcome Plymouth school of creative arts foundation year. We then came back to the centre to help them rock pool and then we fed the fish in the tanks and cleaned them.

Conclusion I have really enjoyed working with the people at the Centre and has really helped with my choice of becoming a marine biologist. I would definitely recommend this as a work experience week


Jacob’s Work Experience Blog
Day 1 Monday After arriving at the centre and being given a tour of the centre, we immediately went down to the beach to guide year 2 of Montpelier primary school (My old school!) as they were rockpooling. After we were finished with that, we headed back up to the centre for one very late lunch (two o’clock). After lunch we assisted the other marine assistants in feeding the fish and the other marine life in the centre.
Day 2 Tuesday The second day started off with changing the water in the smaller of the two tanks. This involved getting water from the sea and carrying it up the (quite steep) hill to the centre. This involved Michael getting extremely wet. We then waited for the Dorset wildlife trust to arrive (and Michael to dry off). When they arrived we went rockpooling and found some interesting species of marine wildlife.

Day 3 Wednesday The third day was the busiest day of the week! We had 3 primary schools with us! We split up and went rockpooling with each of them (we were exhausted after it!). We also fed the big tank. We also caught a Goby and named MIJ after the three who caught it Michael Imogen and Jacob .

Day 4 Thursday In the morning we went on a beach clean with our own Coombe Dean School (some guy decided to pick up bricks as litter…). After the beach clean we went rockpooling with Sparkwell School. There was a guy there called Dave who managed to catch a monster of a Velvet Swimming crab which we named Angry Dave after him.

Day 5 Friday At the start of the day we went to the beach that was a little walk away to collect driftwood and shells for the Marine Centres craft days. We then went to welcome Foundation year of Plymouth School of Creative Arts. We went rockpooling with them and then fed the fish and changed the water. And that brings it to now as i’m typing this.

In conclusion, if you’re thinking about doing work experience here or a shop of some sort, just do it here. Yes you’ll be
tired, yes you could get wet, but it beats stacking shelves by a lot. I have had a wonderful time and thank you to all
the staff who were extremely nice.

Imogen’s Work Experience Blog

Monday: My first day of work experience started off down in the rockpools with a group of year twos from Montpelier school. There were three groups and each group had one hour to find as many exciting creatures as they could. Once the rockpooling sessions finished the team headed back up to the centre for a late lunch. After lunch we were taught how to feed the tank animals and change the tank water.

Tuesday: The day started off with Michael and me spilling water down our fronts while changing the large tanks water. After soaking myself five minutes into work we headed outside to do a speedy beach clean and wait for the Dorset Wildlife Trust to arrive for some rockpooling.  The trust arrived and after a long session of finding blennies, brittle starfish, clingfish and clingfish eggs we walked back up to the marine centre to see the Dorset wildlife trust members off.

Wednesday: Our first job was to change two buckets of water from the small tank with another soaking for me and Michael. After rockpooling for two hours with primary schools the three of us work experience students and a marine awareness assistant went back down to the rockpools to look for a new tank animal. We looked for half an hour and had no luck, then a large goby was spotted and after fifteen minutes of team work we finally managed to catch him for the tanks. We took the original blenny out of the tanks and let the new goby settle in. Once the goby was in his new home we fed all the tank animals.

Thursday: Starting at Wembury point with a group of secondary school children and a marine awareness officer we did a beach clean that ended up back at Wembury beach. Once back at Wembury I worked with two different primary schools for forty-five minutes each in the rockpools. We came back with a new red velvet swimming crab that one of the school helpers had caught. We swapped the velvets over and let the new one settle in. to finish off we were taught how to get data off of the visitor counter.

Friday: Starting once again at Wembury point two workers and the three work experience students went on a beach combing session to find some drift wood and limpet shells for a craft event. Once back at the centre we had to get back out on the rocks with Plymouth school of creative arts to give the foundations a rockpool experience. Feeding the tank animals were the next job to be completed we then had to finish typing our daily blogs.

The week at the marine centre was a very enjoyable week. Everyone here was very welcoming and easy to talk to; they helped to boost my confidence when working with the primary schools. Working at Wembury marine centre has helped me to have a different view on marine biology and has led me towards a future career in biology.