Today we had a great day at the Centre completing a techniques in environmental education course.

This is a course run by the Devon Wildlife Trust aimed at teaching us lot how to engage children with the natural environment surrounding them, whether that is woodland, grassland meadows or the rocky shore.

There were 13 of us having fun all day, trying out various games and inspiration activities.

We completed a range of morning activities, falling under the umbrella title of an ‘Earth walk’. this included activities like ‘Human Cameras’ and ‘Meet a rock’. These required a lot of trust in our partners as one of us was blindfolded!

In Meet a Rock we were led around the beach to a particular rock, had a good feel of the rocks, built a mental picture and were led back to the start point, un-blindfolded and told to find our rocks.

A more solitary activity was creating a sound map. We found a quiet spot to sit for 15 minutes are draw all of the sounds we could hear around us.

One of the inspiration activities was called animal description. Jo told us a story about a creature including a description and its habits then we drew what we thought the creature would look like.

Everyone’s different attempts at drawing this creature were great!

We explored an un-natural nature trail, smelly cocktails, leaf slides, nature trails for ants, and sticky post cards 🙂

We all had such a great day! I could do it all again, I enjoyed myself so much and learned a lot in the process.

We wrote poems to sum up the day:

Twas a beautiful day at Wembury,

everyone was very friendly,

a day filled with joy and games,

even if when blindfolded it felt lame.

I trusted the others not to lead me astray,

I would have liked to have seen an osprey.

But I was happiest seeing fleabane,

all in all, an amazing day!

Senses, sounds, running round. Looking up, looking down.

Green and blue and pink and black, all the colours looking back.

Sitting very quietly, listening walking by the stream, water glistening;

Each petal, each leaf a story

colours, shapes and shades: natural glory.

Beautiful, stunning, oh what a day!

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