Hi friends of Wembury! I’m Naomi, one of two new interns at Wembury Marine Centre. The other intern, Freyja, and I are both studying Marine Biology and Oceanography at University of Plymouth and will be based at Wembury over the summer. This internship is the second I will be completing during an optional placement year. The first internship saw me based in Gili Trawangan, Indonesia for six months. During this time, I was volunteering at a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) that encouraged coral reef restoration through the use of BioRocks. Work with the NGO was sporadic, but this also allowed my completion of the PADI Divemaster, which hopefully will improve future employment prospects! Having returned to the UK in early March, I worked to replenish funds before moving back down to the South-West in late May. Since being at the marine centre, I have partaken in school talks, rockpool rambles for schools and the public, scavenger hunts and beach art. Having begun as a spectator and assistant, I am now testing out my own abilities in leading such activities. As the season progresses, both Freyja and I will use these newly acquired skills to plan and lead our own marine-based events. It is proving a real treat to study our native marine life again and is extremely rewarding to be in a team that shares this knowledge and enthusiasm with others day after day!

A surprise sunny afternoon.  Naomi ft jellyfish head