On Sunday I was joined by Jack and Amy who are both Wildlife Education Trainees for Devon Wildlife Trust. Over the past few months Jack and Amy have been learning about environmental education, about planning and leading events. Yesterday they ran an event on one of the groups of creatures, that probably doesn’t get the attention it deserves at Wembury: seabirds!

I was really impressed with the ideas they had for the event, it was highly interactive with a seabird personality quiz, which got people to think about their own personality answer questions which led to them being assigned a seabird. People could also help make a fulmar mural out of bits of rubbish, highlighting the problem of marine litter and the vulnerability of seabirds to this threat. It was particularly appropriate as this weekend was the Great British Beach Clean – a nationwide event aimed at highlighting the problem of marine litter. There were also make your own seabird-driftwood mobiles, where children coloured in seabirds and eggs and attached their creations to a driftwood frame with string.

Here are some pictures:

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