Project Description

 Star Sea Squirts

Scientific name: Botryllus Schlosseri
Size: Varies – individuals up to 4mm long and average colonies 10cm across
Colour: Varies – green, purple, brown, yellow
Habitat: Attached to rocks or seaweeds on lower rocky shore


  • Star Sea Squirts (also known as Star Ascidians) are made up of a group of tiny animals.
  • This group is known as a colonial sea squirt.
  • The main body looks like jelly, with individuals making patterns of stars.
  • Each individual is called a zooid.
  • They are filter feeders and each zooid has their own entrance, but an exit is shared in the middle of every group.
  • Can be eaten by the European (spotted) Cowries and sometimes Cowries make holes in the Star Ascidians to lay eggs.