Project Description

Snakelocks Anemone

Scientific name: Anemonia viridis
Size: Up to 20cm across (smaller in rockpools)
Colour: Green with purple-tipped tentacles, or sometimes a duller grey
Habitat: Mainly rockpools and shallows

  • Unlike beadlet anemones, they can’t withdraw their tentacles to stop themselves from drying out, so they need to be underwater all the time.
  • Their green colour comes from special algae which live in their tentacles, allowing them to gain extra energy from the sun!
  • Snakelocks anemones glow green under ultraviolet light.
  • Like most other anemones, they use stinging cells on their long tentacles to catch small animals.
  • They have a soft body, so may be injured if you poke or step on them.

Photo credit: Paul Naylor