Hello Wembury!

My name is Katie and I am so so excited to be here 😊

This volunteering placement is the start of a massive career change for me. I left my job in Corporate Finance in December, after qualifying as a Chartered Accountant, with a view to pursuing a career of passion, in the field of marine sciences. I have taken most of this year as a ‘gap period’ to gain experiences ahead of starting university in September. So, after lots of researching many exotic travelling options, I came across this marine-based volunteering role and just thought that it sounded like an incredibly perfect opportunity!

I have always loved Devon, but am not local, so being offered the position also meant moving house for me. I have been very lucky to find a lovely room to rent in a beautiful location, which has really helped to set me off to a great start, as I have already enjoyed some wonderful views and explorative walks.

Whilst I have commenced this placement with more-or-less no relevant knowledge or experience, I feel as though I have learned so much in my first couple of weeks at the marine centre and I’m really looking forward to all of the new things to come over the next 6 months (especially the snorkel safaris!). I also expect I am unlikely to get over the ‘new office’ setting in that time!

So far I, together with Matt my fellow full-time volunteer, have had a great time learning how to discover rock pools and how to deliver an engaging school talk. We have also managed to fill the centre aquarium, which involved quite a few bucket-laden trips up the steep beach steps! Now we sort out the final bits and pieces in the centre, ready for opening over the Easter weekend.

Well, wish me luck on my beach adventures 😊 I will let you know how it goes!