Wonderful Wembury Bay

Watch our new video featuring Wembury’s marine wildlife – the rocky shore stars of the show!  (View here if video doesn’t show in browser)


Rocks are the reason for Wembury’s rich marine life. The rocks around Wembury consist primarily of slates and sandstones which were formed around 400 million years ago during the Devonian geologic period. The cliffs around Wembury are composed of sandstone and the rocks which make the rockpools are slate.

Slate is formed when marine mud deposits experience huge pressure. The resulting rock is hard but brittle and cracks easily. It is this quality which is important in providing the nooks and crannies ideally suited to marine life – creatures hide in and lay their eggs in these sheltered areas of rock which are given protection from the waves. As the tide retreats rocks and crevices provide animals with shelter from the sun and hiding places from predators. Watch how the tide changes on Wembury beach here:

Wildlife: A beach goer’s guide

There are many amazing plants and animals that live in Wembury Bay, many you can see when rockpooling. Click on one to find out more about it!

The Seashore Code

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