Sunday was my event day and I chose a Nature Trail. In the weeks leading up to the day I had scouted a route around Wembury and created a fun quiz to accompany it. My goal was to get people to enjoy being outside whilst learning some interesting things about Wembury’s nature.

As a kid I remember hating just walking, especially when there didn’t seem a purpose to it. I used to trail behind my family in my own little world, probably in a mini strop attempting to make a point! So to get kids excited on my Nature Trail, I placed fact sheets en route that pointed out something interesting answering a question on their sheet. Just to spice things up and an incentive to finish it, there was a prize. They were greeted with Haribo and medal that they could decorate with bits of nature, like grass and petals.

Unfortunately the rain settled in for much of the day and not many people were about. The families that braved the weather thoroughly enjoyed it, however. Hearing one child run into the centre after completing the trail yell ‘Mum, can we go and do that all over again?’ filled me with pride. Considering my goal was to connect children and adults to their surroundings, these comments showed that I had succeeded.

I’m looking forward to my next Nature Trail on the 20th, fingers crossed the weather holds out for me this time!