Originally posted by The Wildlife Trusts

Situated just outside of Plymouth, Wembury Marine Centre overlooks a dramatic sea rock- the Mewstone – which juts skyward, piercing the skyline like a tooth.

The Marine Centre is managed by Devon Wildlife Trust and is an integral part of the Wildlife Trusts’ Vision for Living Seas: engaging local communities with the sea, inspiring and connecting them with nature. Guided Rockpool Rambles are a big part of what we do at Wembury. Over the course of the season (March – October) we run hundreds of Rambles for schools, families and private groups, showcasing some of Devon’s best and most exciting Rockpools, educating people on how to Rockpool responsibly and raising awareness of marine issues.

The Wildlife Trusts’ ‘National Marine Week’ is a celebration of the oceans, the amazing life they contain and what they mean to us. One of the reasons we use Rockpooling as an engagement tool at Wembury is because it is a great way to connect people with the ocean, it is cheap and accessible and can be done by almost anyone!

For National Marine Week we decided to run a guided Rockpool marathon with Rambles every day from 31st of July through to the 5th of August. What better way to celebrate our oceans?

When Rockpooling, no two days are the same! The rocky shore is a constantly changing environment and what we find when searching varies from day to day. This season we have had rare finds that have shocked even the most experienced volunteers: including topknots, long legged spider crabs and even sea spiders. It just goes to show that you never know what you will find under that rock!

Outside of Rockpooling we do a lot of other things at Wembury, giving School Talks and hosting public events. On the 8th of August we will be running our annual boat trip around the Wembury Marine Conservation Area: taking passengers on a beautiful tour of the Bay, with guided talks on marine biology, local history and plankton.