Hello again!

A very busy three months at Wembury have flown by, which means we are half way through our placements! We had a warm welcome from everyone here, and have enjoyed getting to know the now familiar faces of many regular volunteers. We have worked with hundreds of school children and members of the public on events from rockpooling and holiday clubs to shark egg case hunting and beachcombing.

Leading rockpool events with school children has been extremely rewarding. By this point, we are getting very familiar with the creatures to be found in Wembury’s marvellous rockpools, but we are no less enthusiastic to be out sharing them with children. Although, being called sir and miss is taking longer to get used to! It’s great to see the children engaging with the marine wildlife, and we have already accumulated anecdotal stories to help grow the interest of the kids.

We have also been engaging with the public at events such as the Devon County show. It is great to be able to represent Wembury and the Devon Wildlife Trust, and has really built up confidence in interacting with people to hopefully get them involved in enjoying our beaches and marine environment.

We have recently gained our BSAC Snorkel Instructor qualifications and are now looking forward to putting them to use! We have also been planning our own events to run at Wembury in early August, and are eager to engage with the public about our individual interests outside of the regular events at the Marine Centre.

Just thought we would share a couple of our favourite snaps so far with you – some of us in action and others of our top finds. Katie is quite into spotting beautiful shells and being shown this wonderful European Cowrie was definitely one of her highlights.

Thanks for reading….See you at the beach!