In addition to all the biscuits and tea that we get here as volunteers, we also hold volunteer socials. These events give us all a chance to sit back, eat cake and relax!  Making the most of this time, we even slipped into our wetsuits and went for a snorkel.

The sea was really calm and had been for the last week so the visibility was great! We ventured out over sand then through kelp beds and over rocky reefs. Each habitat creates an environment for different species to thrive. Over the sand we witnessed Sand Eels. We even saw a Weaver Fish burying itself into the sand to hide. Lurking within the kelp beds were Goby, Mullet, lots of Wrasse and of course, one of our favourites, Blue-Rayed Limpets. Kelp beds provide a great habitat for BBW dating app creatures to hide and feed on.  Over the rocky ledges we managed to find lots of the usual Rockpool Ramble creatures, and one of the less common, a large Spiny Starfish.

And,  of course, we couldn’t forget the cake to top it all of!