Hi guys, my name is Harry and I’m excited to be spending my summer working here as a Marine Awareness Assistant at Wembury and am looking forward to meeting everybody.

I am currently at the University of Plymouth studying Marine Biology and Coastal Ecology and have a bit of practical experience doing conservation and outreach projects like this one, having volunteered both in the UK and abroad. I am from Chester up North, but have moved around a lot whilst growing up, living in the

USA and Germany, and so have seen many types of ecosystems and how similar ones vary from region to region.

I am coming to the end of my Placement year studying the effects of Global Warming on the Growth Rates of Alcyonium digitatum, a cold water Soft Bodied Coral found in Plymouth Sound, and have found it very interesting. This has made me more interested in the Development of the Rocky Shore and how it will be affected in the future as well.