My name is Michael and I’m one of the new marine awareness interns here at the marine centre.

I am currently studying Conservation Biology at Plymouth University, and have now started my placement year. Over my first two years at university, I discovered a clear passion for the oceans, and all the wildlife contained within. Therefore, prompting me to apply for this internship when the opportunity arose.


Cushion Starfish (Asterina gibbosa) – Currently my favourite animal which I have found in the rock pools at Wembury beach!

I have been volunteering at Wembury since March, and since then have built up a huge interest and love for education. I am hoping that from this internship, I will gain the skills and experience to work with a variety of people, of all ages. This experience should help me to follow my ambition to work in education in zoos and aquariums across the world.
So far I have learnt so much about public speaking, rock pooling, and how to engage well with people of a variety of ages. I have always had an interest in marine wildlife, but hopefully from this internship my interest will grow into a career.

Having just completed a BSAC Snorkel Instructor course, I am now looking forward to taking part in the snorkeling safaris over the coming months.
I will keep you updated on my journey, and how my internship develops.