Hi all, I’m Elliot! I’m very excited to be at Wembury as one of the marine centre’s new marine awareness interns for this Summer, and I look forward to meeting you all.

I’m currently at the University of Plymouth studying Marine Biology and Coastal Ecology. I will be with you for 3 months joining in with the many activities happening here at Wembury, hoping to pass on some of the knowledge I’ve learnt during my degree. I grew up in Hampshire, and have moved down to Devon to study at Plymouth. At Plymouth I’ve qualified as a commercial scuba diver, and have seen many exciting creatures around Plymouth Sound like spiny starfish and compass jellyfish. The rockpools around Devon are great for finding all sorts of animals and it’ll be my job to teach you about their secret hiding spots!

Volunteering is a great way to show interest in a topic and pass on information which really interests me. Giving the next generation all the tools they need to learn about sealife is important for me, and what better place to do it than Wembury!

See you soon! Elliot