By now most regular visitors to Wembury will have met me, for those who haven’t my name is Steph (not to be confused with last year’s Steph) and I’m the new Marine Awareness Trainee at Wembury Marine Centre.

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I am currently on a placement called LEMUR+ which is run by Ambios Ltd and being hosted by Wembury Marine Centre. This placement is a 9 month, full time traineeship where I am learning all the skills I will need ratedbrides for a job in nature education. There is more information on the website.

Cat and Coral have been keeping be busy with school talks and beach visits as well as public rockpool safari’s and other events and the day to day tasks involved with running a marine centre (my favourite of those tasks being looking after the aquariums). At the same time I have been doing species identification, first aid training, technology training and more for my LEMUR+ level 3 qualification.


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As for me, my background has been rather varied. I moved to Plymouth 6 years ago to study photography at Plymouth College of Art, always with a conservation focus on my work and mostly underwater photography. During that time I volunteered with the Marine Biological Association on their Beach Ranger’s projects and the Bluesound Project. After graduating I was a pub landlady for 18 months then spent a further 6 months working with an artisan blacksmith before deciding that I really missed working with children and I missed being outdoors on the rocky shore discovering new creatures.

So here I am, a slight detour later and enjoying every minute of my training! I look forward to seeing you at one of our events soon!