Hi! For those who haven’t met me yet, my name is Freyja and I’m one of the student Marine Awareness Interns from Plymouth University, helping out here at the Wembury Marine Centre over the summer season. I’m really excited to be helping educate and inspire the next generation of marine scientists throughout my time here, as well as highlight some key conservation issues that are facing the oceans today.

This internship is forming part of a formal placement year that I am taking from uni this year, to gain some real world experience before I graduate in 2018. I am currently between my second and third year of studying Marine Biology and Oceanography, which focuses on how physical ocean processes, such as currents, influence the biology of the ocean. It’s great to be able to spend every day of my summer this year working next to the sea with an amazing view of the Mewstone.

centre   mewstone

As for my background, I have previously spent summers volunteering as an aquarist at Bristol Aquarium, spending most of my time looking after the animals and their tanks, through feeding to cleaning, with the occasional swim in the tanks to give them a scrub! I have also volunteered for 5 years as a Supporter Relations volunteer with a whale and dolphin charity in my home town of Chippenham (which is about 12 miles down the road from Bath). This mostly involved office admin things, but we had some really cool campaigns to work on, such as when the charity was campaigning against dolphin captivity within the EU. So we got to make a massive paper maiche globe to fill with origami dolphins that supporter had made, which was then taken to Brussels in front of the EU.

shark dive


So that’s me! Hope to meet some more of you at one of our events in the near future!