My last day at Wembury was a bit of a different one. I ran my first craft workshop – wet felting!

I was really excited to be running a course like this. I have always been creative but haven’t had much time to peruse it during my degree, since June I have been making new things quite regularly, and being able to teach others how to do what I do was the logical next step.

I made a couple of practise pieces to advertise my course.

On the day I made sure I had plenty of books and pieces I had made for inspiration. It didn’t take long to set up…

When we were ready to start I suggested that we take a walk along the best bbw dating app coast path a short way, to get some inspiration for what we were going to make….

….we also collected some objects along the way; feathers, pebbles, shells etc.

We got back from our lovely sunny walk and started to plan our pieces. Lucy had a clear plan of what her first piece was going to be, she chose to make four delicate blue-rayed limpets, which looked great on their green background. Maureen had a flick through a book about sea shells and instantly liked a close up image of some mother of pearl on the inside of an Abalone shell. It had so many beautiful colours and patterns. I decided that I would do a line of pebbles. We then hung our finished pieces outside to dry.

After lunch we had a second go….

We had great second go, I think it took the first go to get the hang of it. Im really pleased with all of our finished pieces.

This was a great last day at Wembury Marine Centre, it was something different and it was great fun. I hope I get do another craft workshop in the near future.

Goodbye everyone, thankyou for reading my blog posts 🙂