On Friday the Great British Beach Clean came to Wembury beach, and Grace and myself got stuck into this Nationwide project to clean up our beaches, collect valuable data and raise awareness of the threat marine litter poses to our oceans and to us!


After a chat from the National Trust who were leading the clean about safety and how to do the survey properly we began. Funnily enough we found a lot of rubbish, but that was to be expected.

What we didn’t expect to find were two small spotted cat shark eggs right at the end. These tiny mermaids purses belong to the smallest shark we get here in British waters. Small spotted catsharks are nocturnal predators which feed opportunistically on a varied diet which includes molluscs crustaceans and fish. These small sharks are one of the more common sharks to find in the UK, but they are also one of my favourite sharks, so it was really nice to find evidence of these incredible creatures; as well as to be part of the Marine Conservation Society’s Great British Beach Clean Project.

The Shark Trust are interested in the mermaids purses that people find so I logged these online with the shark trust http://www.sharktrust.org/en/great_eggcase_hunt

After the clean had finished, we had a few photos with our collections!

It turns out that you can combine beach cleaning and beach combing…..