On Sunday, I held my first original event. It was a craft session, making and decorating beach buckets and also creating “crabby limpets” – model crabs made out of a limpet shell, pipe cleaners in a multitude of colours, and mandatory googly eyes! Twelve kids attended the session, joined by a couple of inspired adults (including our Steph).

Through this event, I aim to raise awareness that although we can put rockpool creatures into our buckets, it is only temporarily before being returned to their homes – by making their own crabby critters, the kids were able to introduce a friendly new crab to their homes instead.

When I repeat this event (August 29th), I will ensure that some card nets are pre-folded for really little fingers as it proved a little tricky for some. Aside from that, the event was great fun and I eagerly await the second session!Sam