Wembury is tucked into a little cove hidden from the main bustle which is largely part of its charm. However this can also be hindrance as it becomes more difficult to engage people with marine life and publicise our events. Pop up day events, like the Kingsbridge Agricultural show, give us the opportunity to reach a greater audience, which is exactly what Grace and I got to attend this Saturday.

In the morning we were partnered with our patch of grass. We immediately started to think how we were going to make this area appeal to passers by. To begin we mastered putting up the gazebo! Then scattered one table with interesting things found washed up on the shore and another with crafty goodies to make our limpet mobiles.

Before the show got busy, Grace and I took the chance to have a wander around. We were amazed by what goes on at an agricultural show. Prized cows, goats and horses pranced their newly washed, blow dried and polished selves round an arena. In a tent chickens (of some very weird varieties), guinea pigs, turkeys, ducks and loads more animals were being judged.

During an exchange between Grace and a sheep, the sheep decided it no longer wanted to be fenced in so leaped over it. It caught its back legs on the bars which Grace heroically saved before scanning the tent for someone that knew what they were doing and would help us with our escapee.

Another tent displayed some of the biggest vegetables I have ever seen! Leeks the length of a small child and onions almost the size of my head!! Plates and plates of potatoes, carrots, tomatoes etc – too many to mention – were judged for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Some were even given highly commended rosettes and certificates of merit. This same format continued with Jams, chutneys, cakes etc.

One particular competition that Grace and I loved was the vegetable creatures. Dogs made from marrow and aubergine, sheep from cauliflower and there was even a seal made from sweet potato!! I have to disagree with the judges, the seal should have been first, it was so inventive – who would have seen a seal hiding in a sweet potato!? Genius!

A particular highlight for us was the appearance of Monty Halls, a local marine TV presenter having a wander around the show with his family. He is a particular hero of Grace’s, inspiring her to follow a career in marine conservation and has even named her dog Reuben, after his dog that appears often on his documentaries. As he passed our tent he politely said hello, (probably because we may have been staring) in which we replied a very giggly hello!!

Overall the show was a great success, many created limpet mobiles or guessed the origin of our strandline treats. We really enjoyed the show and it seemed everyone was having a great sunny day out too. Keep an eye out for us at future Devon events!