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About Steph House

Steph is our Marine Awareness Trainee, she joins us via the LEMURplus project in partnership with Ambios Ltd
30 December 2016

Spooktacular rockpool critters

By |Friday, 30 December 2016|Categories: Uncategorised|

Halloween is upon us so we thought we’d take the opportunity to tell you about some of the creatures with the creepiest Halloween themed names! […]

25 December 2016

Streams, Strandlines and Coastpaths

By |Sunday, 25 December 2016|Categories: Uncategorised|

If you were to ask almost anyone what we do here at Wembury they’d say rockpooling, rockpooling rockpooling! Yes we do rockpool a lot but […]

21 December 2016

30 Days Wild

By |Wednesday, 21 December 2016|Categories: Uncategorised|

Here at Wembury Marine Centre we have been getting involved with 30 Days Wild. For those unfamiliar with the concept this is an initiative from […]

19 December 2016

The end of the school season

By |Monday, 19 December 2016|Categories: Uncategorised|

The hottest day of 2016 (so far) has marked our last session with schools for the term. We’ve had a fun but hectic season full […]

11 December 2016

Hello from the new girl!

By |Sunday, 11 December 2016|Categories: Uncategorised|Tags: , , , , , , |

By now most regular visitors to Wembury will have met me, for those who haven’t my name is Steph (not to be confused with last […]

11 December 2016

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye…

By |Sunday, 11 December 2016|Categories: Uncategorised|

It may be a cliché but time has definitely flown by this year! It seems like only a few months ago that the Marine centre’s […]

10 December 2016

Join in on a Rocky Shore Safari

By |Saturday, 10 December 2016|Categories: Uncategorised|

To look out across the beach, over the rockpools towards the sea everything looks calm and collected. Look closely however and you will see a […]

07 December 2016

Off to the Summer Fayre…

By |Wednesday, 07 December 2016|Categories: Uncategorised|

Last week we were happy to be a part of 2 school fayres. On Friday we were at Goosewell School’s Big N Bouncy and Saturday […]

05 December 2016

Thanks for the anemones

By |Monday, 05 December 2016|Categories: Uncategorised|

It was a dark, drizzly January day when an email had popped into my university account: “Wanted – Marine Awareness Intern at Wembury Marine Centre.” […]