I cannot believe how quickly the last six months have whizzed past! 2018 really has been a year of change and excitement for me so far.

I have had so many amazing experiences and learnt so much during my time as a Marine Awareness Assistant at Wembury – a lot more than I ever thought I would have done when starting out on this placement. Volunteering here has been so incredibly varied from day to day and I think that is what I have loved the most it about it.

All of the rockpooling has been so enjoyable and very rewarding to have worked with so many school children on this activity. Learning to be a snorkel instructor and putting this straight into practice has been wonderful (cold, but wonderful!) and I have seen so much stunning underwater wildlife which previously I just did not know was so accessible straight off our beautiful Devon beaches.

My favourite finds have included seeing so many different types of crab, particularly the characterful but shy hermit crabs and the ferocious velvet swimming crabs. I have always loved finding the cute cushion starfish and am often amazed by how these creatures, along with many others in the rockpools, move in unexpected ways.

It has been great to plan and lead the craft sessions for the centre over the summer and I have certainly learnt some brilliant new crafty ideas, involving both natural materials and marine themes, which I will look forward to using again 🙂 

Wembury has shown me some unforgettable times and I’m truly grateful to those I’ve been working with for making this opportunity so valuable and fun!

Now I head off to university, to see if I can remember how to study and to hopefully progress my journey to a career in Marine Conservation. I really hope that one day in the future I will be lucky enough to be able to call a beach my office 🙂 

Hope to see you again soon Wembury Marine Centre….I will really miss you!