Alicia’s Experience:

I’m Alicia, I’m 17 and am from The Spires College Sixth Form in Torquay. I am currently studying biology, chemistry and geography at A-level and want to go into marine biology/conservation. On my work experience at Wembury Marine centre, I helped out with lots of rockpooling sessions for primary school students and one group of A-level students and also did a beach clean. I also got to learn lots about upkeeping the marine fish tank at the centre and feeding the animals that live in it. We also did a lot of odd jobs for some of the other school activities.

My favourite part of the experience was learning all about the different species that live in the bay and showing the school children some of those species and seeing how enthusiastic they were about them. I also loved seeing loads of different species up close like Blennies, Velvet Swimming Crabs and Snakelocks anemones.

Although I already wanted to do marine biology/ conservation, this experience has given me a much bigger appreciation and love for marine life and has taught me so many new things about different species and how they are conserved and looked after. Everyone at the marine centre has been so kind and fun to be around and have all taught me loads while I’ve been here. It has really been such an enjoyable and extremely valuable experience for me and I have loved every minute of it.





Tara’s Experience:

I’m Tara and I’m 17. I am from Stroud High School Sixth Form in Gloucestershire. At A-level I study Biology, Geography and Textiles and I am hoping to study Maine Biology at University. My favourite UK species are Jewel anemones. During my week at Wembury Marine Centre, I did lots of rock pooling, mostly with school groups looking for the ‘big 5’ (shore crab, hermit crab, blenny, cushioned star fish and prawn). I also did some rock pooling on the lower shore. Other activities included cleaning out the tank and punching holes in empty limpet shells ready for crafts (with school groups).



During the week I learnt lots about how to teach children about what’s in the rockpools and how to let them hold creatures sensibly, without harming them. During the rock pooling sessions, I also learnt about the seashore code and good rock pooling practice. I learned lots about more open water species that live in the south west, like different jellyfish species and invasive species like wireweed.

I particularly enjoyed rock pooling on the lower shore where I found species such as Pipefish, velvet swimming crabs, edible crabs and volcano barnacles, which we didn’t see so much of in the higher intertidal zones. I liked learning about new species that I haven’t seen before like the Sea scorpion and Dragonette. I also enjoyed doing tank maintenance like cleaning it out and finding new rocks and fish for the tank.