The sun was out and the skies were clear, the outgoing tide revealed a pathway of rocks that seemed as if it would almost form a path to the Mewstone. The scene was set for the last rockpool ramble in July, conditions were perfect. On holiday DWT staff proved to be good luck charms and quickly we found a huge compass jellyfish, which barely fitted in a bucket. These amazing creatures get their names from the lines on the top of the jellyfish which resemble those of a compass. They possess a rather painful sting, so we released the jellyfish away from the public, out to sea,

At Wembury we see a lot of starfish, this season we have only seen cushion, brittle stars and spiny starfish, however today we found a bloody henry starfish. We were all very excited about this.These starfish have a very dramatic pinky red colour, which is part of the reason they have their name. Unfortunately this particular starfish was looking rather unwell and appeared to have overheated in the hot weather; trapped in a tiny pool. It was unlikely to survive so we took it into our tank, so that we can nurse it back to health before releasing it once it has recovered.

Other notable finds included an albino edible crab, a possible chameleon prawn, a huge brittle star (which Steph got rather excited about) and Sue finding Wally.