Hello Wembury!

My name is Matthew, and I am one of the new marine awareness assistants who will be helping at the centre until September.


My background is focused on conservation and I recently completed my degree in Environment & Sustainability from Keele University. I grew up in Devon, not so far from Wembury, and have moved back to gain some practical experience in conservation. I have volunteered in many roles previously in this country and abroad, for example as an energy saving ambassador at university, an assistant in a country park, and as a conservation ranger in the Seychelles. Birds are my particular passion, but I equally enjoy marine life having spent much of my time on South West beaches.

Already I have been inspired by the enthusiasm of the school children, whose interest promise to make my time here enjoyable and rewarding! I look forward to meeting more schools and sharing the great marine life at Wembury with the public.